hello loves. my name is hailey.

ever since the day i emptied out my savings jar and went to our local electronics store to purchase my first digital camera when i was about 10yrs old, i was hooked. i had this amazing little device all to myself. it was (very) pink, portable, and so intriguing. i took that thing everywhere, everyday. taking photos of anything that would catch my eye. people, trees, sunsets, #selfies, flowers… it was the raddest feeling to build and grow a collection of photos that i took on my own. nobody told me how or what to photograph. i just got to experiment and create. through the following years, that passion has only grown rapidly. especially learning to incorporate my interest in fashion w/ my photography work along the way has made it all the more inspiring and taken what i love doing so much to a whole new level. i find so much joy and absolutely love working with people to create something so special for them that will last forever. photography is such an adventure. consistently exploring. discovering new places. seeing simple things through a different perspective. expressing a whole story through a single photograph. it has taught me a lot, inspired me daily, and i still have so much yet to learn. but i look forward to discovering more, creating more, and sharing it right here with you guys along the way.

let’s go grab some coffee, get inspired, and plan your photoshoot ☮